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Srijon Sinha

Sciences Po Paris

I’m currently a freshman studying political science and sociology in France. Alongside my interest in all things political, I am also a musician, animator, and digital designer. As you can see, I’m very indecisive about what I’d like to focus in, resulting in me being a chaotic yet enthusiastic whirlwind. I’m constantly looking for ways to challenge myself creatively, and I can’t wait to expand my horizons in this respect.

Yagni Patel

Emory University

Hello! My name is Yagni Patel and I am a student at Emory University. I plan on going to medical school and am studying Neuroscience. Aside from my academic life, I love volunteering and spending time with children. my hobbies are playing tennis, doing arts and crafts, and exploring! My joy for children and arts and crafts will make each session exciting and fun!

Marissa Pelegrino

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

I am a sophomore at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago studying Graphic Design. I have previously worked at a painting studio where I taught kids (ages 3-13) step-by-step how to complete different paintings. I have a passion for art and love working with children. I think that my outgoing personality, love for art and kids will be great for this class.

samantha levan

Agnes Scott College

Hello! My name is Samantha, and I am a rising senior in college, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Art. I am very passionate about child development and teaching children how to express themselves through an artistic platform when often times, words are difficult. I am huge advocate for expression and creativity and know that a course like this would ensure those skills be developed.

Emily V

Bocconi University

Hi there! I am a student at Bocconi University, currently pursuing a bachelor in Economics.I am half Colombian half Italian, but have studied my whole life in English. I have experienced how being multilingual has benefited me both academically and socially, and would love to share and teach Spanish/Italian in an interactive and entertaining way! My bubbly and enthusiastic personality has always stood out when working with kids, and I am sure I will create a safe and fun learning environment that will make the classes enjoyable and insightful.

Anat Shapira

Emory University

Hello!! My name is Anat Shapira and I am originally from Tel Aviv, Israel but was raised in Atlanta, GA. I am currently a senior at Emory University, studying Behavioral Neuroscience on the pre med track with aspirations to become a pediatrician!! I love bike rides through nature, singing and dancing, drawing and painting, playing the ukulele and singing my heart out. I am so excited to meet you and be your camp counselor!

Deven Patnaik

New York University- Stern School of Business

I study finance and computer science at NYU Stern School of Business. I learned to invest in cryptocurrencies and the stock market in high school, and I know how fun it can be to grow your money for the first time. In this club, kids will learn the basics of making and growing that money, but also how to make that money last. Understanding value, managing risk, and navigating the credit system are skills the kids will use for life. Kids can look forward to investing in a simulated stock market with a twist. They will leave understanding which strategies worked and why. The finance club is an exciting way to kickstart your investing journey.

Jordan Noble

University of California

Hello! My name is Jordan Noble and I am a senior at the University of California at Riverside, studying biology with hopes of continuing my education in bioinformatics. I started my journey in STEM when I was a kid thanks to a number of mentors that were able to provide me a range of experience in various facets of science. My hope is to be able to pass on a similar mentorship; giving the next generation of scientists the same safe environment to learn the most important skills of a scientist: imagination and creativity.

Jordan Noble

Geeta Acharya

Emory University

My name is Geeta Acharya and I recently graduated from Emory University. I was born in Nepal and immigrated to the United States about 10 years ago. Aside from my after school tutoring for elementary students, I have been a teacher at a summer camp before.

Cameron Vaughn

University of Texas at Austin

I am a sophomore education major at UT and I have tons of experience working with kids. This summer I have been working as a reading and math tutor for a 1st grader and 3rd grader and also worked as a camp counselor! Last school year volunteered at a after school program and worked one on one on homework with students 1st - 8th graders! I also have done tons of babysitting and in high school I also tutored kids and volunteered as a middle school girls lacrosse coach!

Abby Thayananthan

New York University

Abby is a student of English literature and creative writing at New York University. She already has many years of teaching experience under her belt and loves working with children. In this course, she will introduce children to the art of storytelling, inventing characters, and creating plot. Through this, they will improve their language, writing, creative thinking skills and confidence.

Taralee Arrowood

Kennesaw State University

Hi, I am Taralee and I am third year English Education major and Kennesaw State University. I am super excited to jump right into the teaching field, so I figured teaching a club in creative writing would be a great place to start. I have experience teaching children of all ages. I have years of experience teaching everything from swimming lessons to summer programs at my local church. I am super excited to dive right into the wonderful world of creative writing with these kiddos!

Chiara Awatramani

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Hi! My name is Chiara Awatramani and I am an English major at University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. I believe that writing, especially creative writing, benefits kids in that it requires imagination and confidence. Overall, in this course, I aim to share my love for creative writing with your kids!

Raina Singh

Georgia Institute of Technology

I'm a 2nd year at Georgia Tech, studying aerospace engineering and robotics. From a young age I’ve always loved story-telling. I adore telling stories to my friends - the feeling of making ideas come alive is an amazing feeling. In high school I wrote for my school’s journal and literary magazine. Now I’m here to share my knowledge about character development, captivating plots, detailed backstories of characters, and the importance of settings! Through a multitude of different projects kids will develop their story-telling and writing abilities while increasing their self-confidence as they share their works with peers!

Michelle Mooney

The University of Tampa

I am a recent graduate from the University of Tampa in Florida where I earned a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and Applied Sociology. I’m originally from the state of Hawaii where my experience volunteering with kids began through summer programs put forth by the Department of Parks & Recreation. Besides that, I’ve always had a passion for working with people that extends to children of all ages through tutoring, mentorship, as well as teaching of dance and photography. My other interests include educational leadership, community service, health fitness, and social justice advocacy.

Yvonne Delosreyes

Laguardia Community College

I'm a health and wellness major. I have been teaching yoga, dance, and capoeira for 10 years. I believe in the importance of moving our bodies to keep a healthy mind and body. In my free time, I love to surf and cook.

Mary Cayten Brakefield

Savannah College of Art and Design

My name is Mary Cayten Brakefield and I am getting a Masters in Fashion at the Savannah College of Art and Design! Before SCAD, I was pursuing an undergraduate degree at the University of Tennessee. I was also a student athlete and competed on the swim team. I am incredibly passionate about fashion and plan to launch an inclusive, universally designed label after graduating. I believe that clothing is a powerful tool for self expression and should be accessible to everyone regardless of who they are or what their background is.

Katie Wickline

Florida State University

I am an actor, voiceover talent, and teaching artist from Atlanta, Georgia. I earned my degree in Theatre from Florida State University, where I had the chance to study performance in London. I have been a been a teacher since 2016, working with students of all ages (infant to college kids!) My focus includes acting, improv, character development, scene study, voice for the actor, audition prep, monologue coaching, public speaking, and more. I believe acting & improv provides skills which students can carry into different aspects of their life, boosting confidence (and have fun doing it).

Hannah Whitehead

Georgia Southern University

Hello-- Hannah here! I'm a junior at Georgia Southern University in Savannah, GA studying Theater and Communications there! I've been involved in all aspects of theater, both on and off the stage, almost all of my life. In fact, I've acted in over 30 productions and have been behind the scenes in many more. Not only has theater brought me so much joy, but it has also taught me an abundance of crucial things that I continue to use constantly in life, academics, relationships, jobs, and so much more! My goal for the Digital Drama Klub is to construct a creative and exciting environment where the students can feel free to express themselves, connect with other kids interested in the same subjects, and learn about the many different features that come together to create theater productions!

Jillian Rose Frieri

Florida State University

I am a fun and engaging individual with a passion for children! I am currently studying to become an English teacher. I have always loved writing, both books and scripts, and creating stories. I even started my high school's first writing club. I want all children to get to see their creative potential!

XY Zhou

New York University

I'm XY, a first-year student at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at New York University. My passions encompass a range of interdisciplinary subjects including but not limited to writing, philosophy, ethics, fashion, and art. From my two unruly sisters to the kids I tutor, I'm experienced with working with kids since I've done it my whole life. I'm excited to be able to share my knowledge and spark inspiration within young creative minds and help them develop their craft.

Harshita Gudipudi

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Hi! My name is Harshita Gudipudi and I am a freshman at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I plan to be a Neuroscience major! Over the years, I have edited plenty of videos for my STEM classes, so I am well-versed on the basics of creating videos! I have also worked with elementary students in the past with scientific experiments, so I have experience in working with kids. I am a very social person that loves to explore, meet new people, and listen to music! I look forward to working with your children!

Abigail Graham-Luke

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Hello! I am an experienced Irish dance teacher, part-time professional Irish dancer for the Trinity Irish Dance Company, and am currently a sophomore at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I was a competitive dancer for 14 years; during that time I also began teaching for the Rochester Academy of Irish Dance. I look forward to sharing my passion for Irish dancing with the next generation of dancers!

Trevor Kay Wilson

University of Oregon

I am a fun-loving, curious, and kind undergrad student looking to do meaningful work. I have a history of working with kids (babysitting, tutoring, volunteering at daycares) and I want to continue working with and having fun with kids of all ages! I am also excited to interact with kids in an educational manner, I have always loved learning and asking questions, and I believe I will find just as much satisfaction in teaching and answering questions. I am passionate about social justice, kindness, learning, and LGBTQ+ rights/community in particular. I ran a GSA at my high school for 2 years, and I'd be excited to combine my loves for LGBTQ+ topics/social justice and working with kids, to provide a safe, open-minded, educational space for all kids interested in the subject.

Frank Laterza

university of central florida

I work as a system engineer at Sparrow Design. I went to the Robotics World Championship for Vex robotics in 10th grade. I enjoy making robots as a hobby. I've been a counselor for the Boys and Girls Club.

David Seo

Emory University

Hi! I am a sophomore at Emory University studying business and Japanese. I speak three languages—English, Korean, and Japanese—and also know basic Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. I have prior experience teaching Korean at a Korean language school and absolutely adore teaching kids. Some of my other hobbies include singing, playing the violin, and painting.

Nan Munger

Stanford University

I am a senior at Stanford University majoring in Art Practice and minoring in Education. I have been studying and writing poetry, fiction, and nonfiction for many years, and I have experience working on writing with kids of various ages. I am so excited to share my knowledge and passion through Clubba! When I'm not writing or making art, I like to play board games, rock climb, do crosswords, run, and read.

Sophie Navalta

Boston University

I am a current freshman at Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts on the track to major in computer science. I was introduced into computer science by participating in the Girls Who Code summer immersion program in Atlanta, Georgia where I learned basic computer science foundations. I graduated the program with a passion for something I only wish I had found sooner. Ever since, I have been inspired to teach kids how to code to introduce them to the many possibilities and uses of coding. I believe in teaching in a fun, uplifting environment, and I always encourage kids to integrate their own ideas and creativity into their code. Whether you have prior experience or are brand new to coding, I’d be happy to teach all levels and help program some fun games for everyone.

Kianna Jackson

Florida Southern College

Hi there! I am a recent graduate from Florida Southern College with a BFA in Theatre Performance and a Minor in Communications. Over the last year, I worked in St. Pete, Florida as an Acting & Production apprentice for American Stage. Some of my responsibilities included devising an original piece, assistant stage-managing, and teaching summer camp. I spent two years performing in an improv troupe in college and have performed numerous times on stage and on screen. Excited to meet you and let’s get creative :)

Nwamaka Ijeh

Emory university

Hello, my name is Nwamaka Ijeh, but I prefer to be called Amaka. I am a neuroscience major at Emory. My hobbies include reading, sewing, and writing movie critiques. I also love volunteering at local school where I help tutor children in English and mathematics. I look forward to teaching and learning new things.

Francesca Clerjeune

La Salle University

Namaste, I believe success is a product of self-care and smart work. I help young yogis master their inner power through fun meditation exercises and tools to incorporate mindful practices throughout their day. This helps train young minds to learn and participate as significant members of their communities. I received my Yoga Certification in 2018 and since helped over 1000 clients in their wellness journey. I live in New York and is an advocate for wellness, arts, and community.

Meredith Varner

Boston University

I am Meredith, a student at Boston University with a passion for story-telling. I think both reading and writing are some of the best ways to spend time and I also love to help others find these passions. At school, I write a column, contribute to blogs, run a club, give tours to prospective students, and mentor incoming freshmen. I have tutored elementary, middle, and high school in the past so I love to work with children and I know how to communicate positively with them.

Talyn Fan

Emory University

Hi, I'm Talyn (she/her)! I'm from Charlotte, NC, and I'm studying Creative Writing at Emory University! I'm always acting, writing, or directing for projects in my school theater community. In my spare time, I enjoy playing video games and watching anime. I also have two sweet cats, Socks and Mr. Fluffer!

Brooke Chow

UNC Chapel-Hill

I am a student at UNC Chapel-Hill who has a strong background in marketing and entrepreneurship. I've directed multiple non-profit organizations and currently work in Business Development and Marketing. I love helping kids get their ideas off the ground; for the last six years, I've worked as a tutor and mentor to young kids in test preparation, future planning, leadership, and economics.