Yoga & Hula Dance

In this club we'll be learning about focus, balance, centering, rhythm, breathing, muscles, health and more. The students will develop self-awareness and body coordination through the practice of yoga, dance, and guided relaxation.

In this camp you will

  • Do guided meditations
  • Learn breathing exercises and how they help
  • Do yoga together and will be guided through different poses.
  • Also learn hula dance choreography and do dance drills together
  • At the end of the camp the kids will do a hula dance show and end with their favorite yoga poses to cool off!


What makes clubba camps special

Our camps are fun and interactive. They are led by counselors who actually have a passion for and a skillset in the camp theme. We focus on creative camp themes and relatable, energetic counselors. The team behind clubba camps founded virtual after school clubs, and is now offering virtual summer camps.

We keep our camp group size intentionally small with groups of 5 kids in each camp. We have creative activities in each session. Daily post-session follow up emails from your kid’s camp counselor letting you know what happened in the session and 3 questions to ask your kid so you can be impressed by what they created and by what they learned.

Meet the counselors

Michelle Mooney

The University of Tampa

I am a recent graduate from the University of Tampa in Florida where I earned a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and Applied Sociology. I’m originally from the state of Hawaii where my experience volunteering with kids began through summer programs put forth by the Department of Parks & Recreation. Besides that, I’ve always had a passion for working with people that extends to children of all ages through tutoring, mentorship, as well as teaching of dance and photography. My other interests include educational leadership, community service, health fitness, and social justice advocacy.

How to participate

A few weeks before your camp’s start date, you will receive a zoom link, an intro to your camp counselor, and your supply list via an amazon link to make it easy to buy.

Each session is 2 hours and we emphasize no parent involvement during the session. This means we keep your kid creating and doing activities while you get your work done.

You’ll receive your receipt with clubba’s EIN so you can keep those for tax credit/company reimbursement.
A member of our team will email you closer to your camp’s start date with plenty of info.